Forest Area - maintains environmental conservation actions to preserve our forests through new business, innovation and adaptable projects in accordance with our business strategy. We have expertise to carry out inventories of carbon sequestration emissions, mitigation of impact operations, integration between public and private systems for social reporting consolidation and biodiversity recovery actions involving wildlife areas, flora and water resources.
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Our Environmental Preservation Area

Our forest area is situated in the Atlantic Rain Forest of the Serra da Mantiqueira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Atlantic Rainforest Facts

The Atlantic Rain Forest that has been reduced to 7.8% of its original territory is one of most endangered biomes in the world.

More than 20.000 species of plants, including 8.000 species endemic to regions,

that is to say are not found anywhere else in the planet.

Compared to the Amazon forest, the Atlantic Rain Forest has more biodiversity, where is estimated that it possess around 1.6 million of animal species including insects.

The climate change is a major threat to biodiversity and ecosystems and

could drive to extinction as many as one in six animal and plant species.

In South America considering the already high number of endangered species, it’s been found that 23% of species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

Be more transparent about the social and environmental impacts of its business activities