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CO2Neutro.com maintains environmental conservation actions to preserve our forests through new business, innovation and adaptable projects in accordance with our business strategy. We have expertise to carry out inventories of carbon sequestration emissions, mitigation of impact operations, integration between public and private systems for social reporting consolidation and biodiversity recovery actions involving wildlife areas, flora and water resources.
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One Future . One World . One Environment

Our Climate Action Proposal

1. The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data

Reporting services to entities that want to reduce their GHG emissions

2. GHG Mitigation Action Plan

Action to preserve the Atlantic rainforest proportional to its environmental impacts

3. Communication Plan for its GHG Mitigation Actions

Communication plan of effort actions to reduce the impacts of its corporate emissions of greenhouse gases

4. Certification of its GHG Mitigation Actions

Certification of its corporate action efforts to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions

To build your corporate environmental impact reduction plan:

Conservation Forests

New Green Areas

One Future

One World

One Environment

Make a difference, take this cause and join us!